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Woodmetrics Forest Marketing offers a unique service to small and medium size forest owners to maximise returns.

Woodmetrics is an independently owned and operated business, providing forest owners such as forest investment companies, trusts, partnerships, local and national government, with a unique and competitive wood sale management service specifically tailored to them.

It is the only business in New Zealand whose core focus is the sale of trees and forests.

Woodmetrics was established in 2000 as a business unit of Carter Holt Harvey and sold by CHH in a management buy-out in December 2003. Woodmetrics Ltd is a truly independently owned and operated business with no obligations or commitments to any one player in the forestry industry.

At Woodmetrics we firmly believe that the key driver of Woodmetrics and the value of the service to its customers is the committed and professional work of the individuals managing the business. 

We offer the full range of forestry services including:

Our simple five step process can help you to ensure maximum returns with efficient, professional service.

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A thorough resource analysis service customised to meet your needs including:

  • Extensive mapping
    Aerial photography, GPS and/or remote sensing resulting in tighter boundary and gap definition.
  • Harvest planning and road design 
    Best practice combination, harvest planning and road design matched against your resource and buyer profiles.
  • Resource consent
    Expert submissions, minimised delay and excellent value.
  • Volume and log grade assessment
    Customised standing wood inventory is carried out at above industry standards - ensuring purchasers receive more accurate information, reducing discounting, leading to better prices.
  • Pruned log assessment
    This customised process can deliver crucial information to buyers of your pruned wood, resulting in better prices.
  • Road construction
    Sourcing and managing reliable suppliers - delivering services to specification, on time, and to budget.


Using our proprietary knowledge and expertise, Woodmetrics Forest Marketing ensures maximum value is achieved by selecting the most appropriate sale method.
  • Method of sale:
    - Lump Sum - an agreed value, pre-harvest.
    Pay-as-cut (per tonne basis).
    Pay-as-cut (log grade basis).
  • Timing it right
    Not being a log trader, Woodmetrics Forest Marketing is free to advise you on the best time to sell. We take into account international, regional, resource type and owner specific factors.


Our professional sales and marketing service starts here.
  • Stumpage prospectus
    Containing information designed to reduce purchaser risk and secure the best possible price for your wood.
  • Transparent marketing to all buyers
    Because we have no buyer allegiance - we can proactively promote the sale of your forest to all relevant domestic and international buyers.


Acting as your representative, Woodmetrics Forest Marketing manages the following key elements of the sale tender process:
  • Bidder compliance
    Comprehensive bidder auditing to manage your financial, environmental and health & safety risks.
  • Benchmark price calculations
    Specially developed tools ensure a competitive sale price is achieved.
  • Contract preparation
    Facilitating and negotiating the stumpage contract and payment structure.


Having successfully completed your sale, Woodmetrics™ minimises the harvest risks that could still erode your expected sale price returns.
  • Efficient harvest and environmental management.
  • On-site health & safety issues.
  • Accurate volume and payment reconciliation.
  • Risk and project management systems.
  • Post-harvest and site restoration audits.

What our Customers Say...."Professional, reliable and experienced!"

This is what Anna and John Little had to say about the harvesting management Woodmetrics Forest Marketing did on his Bay of Plenty property in late 2017:

"I contacted Woodmetrics Forest Marketing to harvest my woodlot in the  Bay of Plenty. Woodmetrics Forest Marketing provided a couple of options for the harvesting and marketing of our trees and we were very happy with the outcome.

While a couple of options were presented, I opted to harvest the trees on a managed sale basis and was more than happy with the net return achieved both in terms of log optimisation and sales prices achieved. The net return was in line with the estimates provided prior to harvesting."

Anna and John Little
Bay of Plenty

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