One Billion Trees

Hot news at the moment is the Labour Governments One Billion Trees Initiative. Where by, the objective is to  increase the forest area in New Zealand by 1,000,000 hectares over the next ten years. This presents an exciting range of opportunities for land owners and investors. 

How does this benefit you and why should you consider it? A few simple reasons:

  • Current timber and carbon prices provide encouraging financial returns.
  • Carbon sequestration in trees provides early-term cashflow, resulting in easier project financing
  • The governments Proposed “Averaging” in the Emissions Trading Scheme will increase the financial returns from carbon, ultimately lowering the carbon liability risk.
  • Improved tree genetics and silviculture means more timber volume, in-turn providing better log grades and essentially more carbon.
  • Growing carbon on farms provides an offset for carbon prices/liabilities.
  • Forests on farms diversify income and increase financial strength. Forests reduce carbon footprints, soil erosion and nutrient leaching
  • Increased water quality, species diversity and recreational opportunities.

The government has recently announced grants to assist with funding such projects. Investing in the One Billion Trees initiative, could be a smart investment or land use option for you!


In just a few simple steps – Woodmetrics can easily help you access this opportunity:

  • We will accurately map your land and assess the eligible areas that can earn carbon off forestry
  • Assess the National Environmental Standard and any effects
  • Provide a study of such forestry projects showing cashflow, internal rate of return and net present value of the project
  • Provide project planning, advisory and risk management services
  • Establish and consequently manage the forests on your behalf

For help navigating and assessing the initiative, contact us today!

Download the Guide to the One Billion Trees Programme_2018 HERE.pdf