Aerial Mapping and Drone Services


Woodmetrics focuses on providing first class drone/UAV surveying and photography in the Central North Island. 

We focus on forestry and rural sectors and know what it takes to get the job done in tough environments. 

Drones - also called U.A.V's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are now being used in conjunction with G.P.S technology to provide revolutionary services to the Forestry industry.

The benefit to you the landowner is a much more accurate understanding of the land, that is often not seen from the ground level. This provides ongoing cost savings benefits associated with managing your land that would otherwise be overlooked. 

Scope of Services:

Aerial Photography - Gain a true perspective with a birds eye view of your rural or forestry block.

Precision Boundary Maps - Take the guess work out of boundary and contour mapping with accurate GPS mapping. 

Forest Valuations - Approved forestry valuations for small to medium blocks.

Pre & Post Harvest Surveys - From checking tree health through to full post harvest reports, we have it covered. 

Health & Safety Assessments - Removing people from harms way in assessing forestry risks. Reports to aid in training and auditing. 

Erosion Assessments - Storm damage can be costly. Early issue identification is crucial in costs reduction. 

Safer Skies - It is now a legal requirement for all New Zealand drone/UAV pilots to be certified by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our pilots are selected from the best and have undergone certified flight training in the field to get your job done safely and on time. 

We only invest in the best technology and people. 

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