Forest Management

If you are looking at buying or selling a forest, Woodmetrics have over 17 years in the industry, and can help you with the full compliment of services, to ensure a no-hassle, professional, seamless experience. 

Woodmetrics Forest Marketing are leaders in the forest managemend and consultation business. We understand that re-planting or planting a forest is a major desicion, that involves a lot of information. 

The team at Woodmetrics have years of experience in helping you to manage all aspects of the process, with the minimum of cost and fuss. 

Woodmetrics have been providing independent advice and services and can provide all of the management needs and services that are needed for your individual situation. 


Woodmetrics can tailor a solution to meet you requirements.

Forest Valuations 

Woodlot or Forest valuations are undertaken for a number of reasons.

· Sale and purchase and due diligence

· Asset reporting for financial requirements

· Property division and equity transfer

· Collateral as required by a bank

· Forest Planning & Management

· Prospectus promotion 

When compiling a valuation, Woodmetrics adheres to the New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF) Valuation Standards- which as a member we are bound by when preparing valuations. 

Market Appraisals

If you do not require a full valuation, market appraisals are also available. This is a less robust method of assessing value but will provide an estimate of value, along with a map, stand and crop descriptions, yield estimation and the ability to accurately describe your trees. For a confidential discussion on your valuations needs please call: Gerry Mortimer ph: 027 296 2417 or email us

We look after all parts of the Forest Management process including:

  • Harvest Management and Planning
  • Forest establishment and silvilculture
  • Health and Safety management
  • Environmental management
  • Forest Mapping
  • Harvest costing and budgeting