5 Step Process


A thorough resource analysis service customised to meet your needs including:

  • Extensive mapping
    Aerial photography, GPS and/or remote sensing resulting in tighter boundary and gap definition.
  • Harvest planning and road design
    Best practice combination, harvest planning and road design matched against your resource and buyer profiles.
  • Resource consent
    Expert submissions, minimised delay and excellent value.
  • Volume and log grade assessment
    Customised standing wood inventory is carried out at above industry standards - ensuring purchasers receive more accurate information, reducing discounting, leading to better prices.
  • Pruned log assessment
    This customised process can deliver crucial information to buyers of your pruned wood, resulting in better prices.
  • Road construction
    Sourcing and managing reliable suppliers - delivering services to specification, on time, and to budget.


Using our proprietary knowledge and expertise, Woodmetrics™ ensures maximum value is achieved by selecting the most appropriate sale method.

  • Method of sale:
    - Lump Sum - an agreed value, pre-harvest.
    - Pay-as-cut (per tonne basis).
    - Pay-as-cut (log grade basis).
  • Timing it right
    Not being a log trader, Woodmetrics™ is free to advise you on the best time to sell. We take into account international, regional, resource type and owner specific factors.


Our professional sales and marketing service starts here.

  • Stumpage prospectus
    Containing information designed to reduce purchaser risk and secure the best possible price for your wood.
  • Transparent marketing to all buyers
    Because we have no buyer allegiance - we can proactively promote the sale of your forest to all relevant domestic and international buyers.


Acting as your representative, Woodmetrics™ manages the following key elements of the sale tender process:

  • Bidder compliance
    Comprehensive bidder auditing to manage your financial, environmental and health & safety risks.
  • Benchmark price calculations
    Specially developed tools ensure a competitive sale price is achieved.
  • Contract preparation
    Facilitating and negotiating the stumpage contract and payment structure.


Having successfully completed your sale, Woodmetrics™ minimises the harvest risks that could still erode your expected sale price returns.

  • Efficient harvest and environmental management.
  • On-site health & safety issues.
  • Accurate volume and payment reconciliation.
  • Risk and project management systems.
  • Post-harvest and site restoration audits.
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