Woodmetrics Forestry Valuations

We'll get you more money for your trees.
               Whats the value of your forest?Woodmetrics offers a unique service to small and medium size forest owners for maximising returns. We sell most of our client’s trees through a competitive tender process known as stumpage selling. This system ensures that maximum value is returned to the forest owner through promotion of genuine competition and by providing buyers with better pre-sale information to reduce price discounting. 

Stumpage selling requires a lot of work to prepare each block for market including accurate stand mapping, harvest planning and an intensive MARVL pre-harvest inventory that provides the basis for the sale. The secret is that the buyers have to trust the data that they are being presented with to bid to the hilt and without risk. 

The benefits of marketing to more than one buyer are the same for trees as for any other product. More buyers mean more competition and different buyer’s value the same forest differently resulting in different bid prices.Contact us now for your forest valuation.